Going to see My Mum

Earlier this month it was announced that anyone working for at least 5 years where I work now gets an extra 3 days of holidays. And guess what, that applies to me!

I was super stoked about it. As you all know I do love going away and the more time off the better.

My mum had been talking to me recently saying how much she misses me and that she wants me to go back to live in Portugal. Moving back to Portugal is not on the cards at the moment so the next best thing would be to just go and see her.

When I was getting ready to go to work that week I thought I could just book a long weekend to go see my mum. Asked my boyfriend if he wouldn’t miss me too much. Checked the weekend with the cheapest flights. Asked my mum if she was free on those dates. Booked the time off from work and finally by 10am I had bought flights to Lisbon.

Luckily my new supervisor approves the time off quickly! Now I never miss out on the best flight prices due to waiting for time off to be approved.

Looking forward to some quality time with the family. My brother even volunteered to pick me up from the airport as my mum will be working on the day I arrive. It’ll be great to spend some time with him and his fiancée. Might even take some engagement shots of those two at some point as they got engaged last Christmas.

This time I am not taking my laptop with me. Just my camera so you guys will have to wait until I come back to get some visuals of my four days in Portugal.

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