Dating the Popular Kid

Back in secondary school I was pretty good at being invisible. I was a good student for the most part of it and kept myself to my small group of friends.
Other than when I was playing foosball I didn’t really hang out with the popular kids.

Against all odds one of the popular kids wanted to date me. I thought it was a joke but decided to say yes to find out what that was all about.

He was super romantic and our cinema date watching Daylight with a couple of my friends was great. He even got me a blue bracelet as a first date gift!

Back in school we officially became a couple! Some of the popular girls (including his ex) were not impressed and I went from being invisible to having “haters”.

It was all new for me and I don’t think I was enjoying it.

Thankfully he broke up with me a couple of days later. I can’t even remember what the reason was but it was good to go back to normal life in school after that brief dating experience.

Funnily enough we got back in touch years after we left school and he did remember our dates. Better than me actually. In his mind the fact that we got back in touch had some kind of special meaning. In my opinion it’s just what happens when everyone is on Facebook. Still it was cool to talk about our school times and our very brief dating story.

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