Starting over after Redundancy

It was 2012 when I found myself unemployed after being made redundant. Odd feeling not having a job to go to every day and not knowing when I would have one again.

With all the free time I now had I was not only looking for a new job but also meeting up with friends and spending quality time with my boyfriend. For the first time I claimed benefits. Thought I would do it since I had been paying taxes for a while. Thankfully I had savings as £71 a week is not a lot of money.

I was keen on a job vacancy I had seen a few times online. After a few years working far from home I was tired of spending too long on my commute to work. Therefore I thought I could try to find something a little more local. In the meantime I sent CVs to other places too. Just in case I did not get that one.

Went to a couple of interviews. One was a complete joke and the other one I didn’t get the job (it was an hour away anyway).

For the job I really wanted I had already done some tests at the recruitment agency and was waiting for an update. Once I got the call to say I was getting a phone interview the next day I was super happy and quickly prepared for it. The phone interview went well and I was invited for another interview in two days. Again it went well and I got offered the job on the same day.

Not even a month after my notice period had finished I got a new job! I was over the moon with that.

It was a new start. I was excited. Even if it meant taking calls again I was invested in starting over. I had the choice between the telecoms customer service and energy. Since I was going back to zero anyway I decided to get into a new industry. It was a lot to take in but I was happy.

Yes, it might sound scary to start over after you have a few years of experience in the same industry but if it feels right just do it. I don’t regret my decision and still enjoy working close to home.

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