Redundancy came into my life years ago. Not long after I moved to London I found out what it was all about. Redundancy was not a common thing back in Portugal so I was not familiar with it.

The first few times I went through the process it was stressful and slightly scary but I managed to keep my job a few times. It became almost a routine thing. Having “yes or no” meetings became the new “normal”. Adapting to new job roles was becoming second nature. Not a big deal at all but seeing people go was still tough.

After many lucky escapes it was my turn to GO. I remember the call. It was on a Tuesday morning and I was home. Even though I expected to be made redundant at some point the call took me by surprise. Thankfully that call was made by someone I respect a lot which made the situation that little bit easier.

It was effective immediately! Picking up my stuff with security walking me through the office was far from a nice experience.

Once that was done I initiated the appeal process along with my best friend as she had also been made redundant. Usually companies are very careful about the redundancy process as there are some legal guidelines to follow to ensure the process is fair and clear to everyone involved. This time things were not done the right way so we appealed. Didn’t take us far but after all we did what we thought was the right thing to do.

Finally experiencing being “let go” was hard but it made me stronger.
Therefore I am thankful for it.

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