About my Sister

“Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.” – Amy Li

No, we’re not blood related but we pretty much grew up together so she’s my sister. My family is a little more complex than the average family which is not a bad thing. I get to have a sister my mum and dad did not conceive.

In true sisterly fashion growing up we had a love/hate relationship. She used to cry a lot when she was a toddler and not respect the dinner table rules which annoyed me.

As we got past that phase we started enjoying each other’s company. Still with the occasional quarrel but we were generally happy to spend time together.

We had a couple of memorable holidays together.

The first one was a camping trip with her dad down in the South of Portugal. Memories from that trip include waiting long hours to get a spot for our tent, Snow White in an outdoor cinema, drinking milk out of the carton for breakfast and getting back to Lisbon happy.

As teenagers we were lucky enough to be allowed to spend a week by ourselves about two hours drive from home. We had a little apartment with swimming pool by a camping site. We had such a good time together. Even had time to make friends and have new crushes.

Even though life happened and we are not in contact as much or get to see each other often at all when we do it feels like we saw each other just yesterday.

I am looking forward to seeing her and my little nephew soon when I get to fly to Lisbon.

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