My Diary

This blog was originally my diary. I documented my move to London here. It is great to be able to go back and remember stuff I have gone through. Family and friends could keep up with how things were going in London and what I was up to and I got to keep a diary of my life.

It was fun but as I got settled in London there was not a lot happening anymore. No more changing jobs or moving that often and no more flatmates’ drama as we got our own space after a few years in London.

I got bored with not having much to write about but I missed writing. That is how I got into this new format. So far I am really enjoying this and I get to share whatever I feel like with you.

Recently I went back in time to check old posts so now I am missing the diary aspect of this blog. For that reason I am trying to figure out a way of somehow including it here. The challenge is doing it without it becoming boring.

To be honest with you my life is for the most part not that exciting. It is pretty much work Monday to Friday. In the evenings I will write or edit pictures, have dinner and watch YouTube or Netflix. I can easily spend whole weekends at home. Occasionally I will go out. If I am in the process of planning holidays a few hours go by just spent on Google Maps, Skyscanner, and AirBnb.

For the times my life is that little bit more exciting I will find a way of writing about it here.

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