Life without Social Media

“The more social media we have, the more we think we’re connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other.” – JR

Yes, I have managed to survive a month with barely any social media! For anyone that has not read the original post on this subject I have deleted Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook from my phone on the 1st of January.

To be completely honest with you the first few days were a little hard. It felt like I was missing out. The FOMO (fear of missing out) was real. Not only that. it was also weird not taking pictures of everything I was doing to share on social media.

Immediately my phone’s battery started lasting a day instead of 6 hours! After a week or two I started thinking less about it. Thoughts of re-installing the apps were less and less frequent. I was more productive when it came to writing on the blog and was also editing or taking pictures more often. Listened to more podcasts, more audio books and kept up to date with all the blogs I follow.


Facebook was available on my laptop and I checked it every couple of days. For birthdays and to post on the blog’s page. Usually no longer than 5 minutes at a time. This one is probably not going to make its way back to my phone.


Instagram has been completely out of my life this month. I thought about checking for direct messages or any comments but did not give in. In my case Instagram was the biggest time waster out of all the social media apps. It has been great not being on it constantly so I am actually considering not going back to using it on a regular basis. Might not even go back to having it on my phone.

An interesting fact about Instagram was that exactly after two weeks of not logging in I started receiving emails enticing me to go back. These emails contained a summary of some of the activity going on in my account and what the people I am following have been up to. Don’t recall ever telling Instagram to remind me of its existence in case I lost interest…


On Snapchat I might also have unopened messages but have not logged in to check them or to check whatever my friends have been up to on there. I will probably just check this one on my tablet every now and then as I don’t think it brings any value to my life. Anyway I was mostly using it for the funny filters whenever I was extremely bored.


Almost forgot I have also uninstalled LinkedIn. At the moment as I am not looking for a new job I will also leave this app out of my phone.

In conclusion I am super glad I have gone through a month with little to no social media. I have learned to be more present, I feel less stressed, more productive and I found out that it is possible to enjoy a nice meal even if you are not sharing it on social media!

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