Being Social

“If you’re satisfied with your social life, according to psychologists, you tend to be satisfied with life in general.” Robin Marantz Henig

Spending time with friends is one of the best things in life. Usually I would rather spend one on one time with a friend than attend some random party. I love a good conversation.

I was once a little anti-social. When I was growing up I really enjoyed spending time in my own company and avoided social events. Being shy did not help. Not saying that I am now a super sociable person but I do enjoy going out on the odd occasion.

Lately I have spent some quality time with friends and every time I get to do that I feel that I am in a better mood and generally happier.


Right at the end of 2017 I got to catch up with someone who used to work with me. We went to eat some delicious pancakes and managed to do a quick catch up on work related subjects and life in general. Unfortunately as he is always late we ended up having little time to chat.

Chilling at Home

After not seeing him since last Summer I got to finally catch up with this one. He is not the best at keeping in touch but decided to tell me last-minute he was around that day. It was perfect because I wasn’t feeling like going out anyway. We went out just to grab a drink and to smoke and then sat on the sofa catching up on the last few months of our lives. I enjoyed the company. Hopefully this year he will be better at showing up.


Last-minute as well I decided to go out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. He was going away for the weekend but had no real plans for the day so we ended up playing pool for hours at a pub not far from my place. I hadn’t played pool in years so I had no clue how to play it. Thankfully he was patient enough to teach me. It was nice to do something new and the conversation was great too.

Coffee and Cake

A cold and rainy day was perfect for coffee and cake with one of my besties. Good to chat at the café by the park watching the squirrels and ducks on the wet grass.  Great to avoid the weekend blues and to catch up on whatever we didn’t have time to talk about during the week at work.

Shoot and Lunch

After a while with no days off together we managed to get a Saturday to spend some quality time together. As the weather was bound to get wet again in the afternoon we got out of the house after breakfast and headed to Kings Cross to shoot some pictures. Just a short train ride away was the light tunnel of Kings Cross. There are no instructions online as to where exactly this tunnel is so we walked back and forth for ages and did not find it!

We gave up and decided to wander off to Gasholder park. After taking a few pictures we started to get hungry and decided to head back to find a Thai Restaurant. On our way to the restaurant we accidentally found the light tunnel!

Lunch was delicious and afterwards we had coffee at this quirky Moroccan coffee shop. As the rain was settling in we headed back to the train station to go home and do a little bit of “laptop club” (when we work together).

I am hoping 2018 carries on like this and I get to spend more quality time with my friends.

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