52 Week Photography Challenge

“I really don’t have any idea about photography, but I take pictures.” – Alex Majoli

This year I decided to shoot more. To keep me motivated/inspired I am doing a photography challenge created by Dogwood Photography. If you are into photography consider joining here.

I started shooting for this last weekend but I could not get myself to go far to shoot. Instead of going to some fancy location in London I picked my camera and walked around the neighbourhood. It pushed me to be creative and to see past the every day boring streets.

After shooting a bunch of random shots in the freezing cold I had to choose one for each week’s themes. All pictures were shot in RAW and edited in Lightroom.

WEEK 1 – Vision: Look Ahead
New year. New beginnings. New you. Look ahead. Interpret as you wish.

It was more looking up than looking ahead but the plane going into the clouds on a sunny day felt right for the new beginnings theme.

WEEK 2 – Composition: Color Harmony
Get out your color wheel. Do opposites attract? Can there be harmony with opposite colors? Does the Hulk wear purple pants? Mix warm and cool colors.

This one isolated the cold and warm colours so well that I had to pick it for this week. I love how well the red goes with the turquoise window glass.

Below are a few other pictures I shot but did not make it into the photography challenge.

Let me know… which one is your favourite?

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