Last Minute

Last minute flights! Yes, I am going away for Christmas. No, I am not going to Portugal as the flights were ridiculously expensive. Then, where to?

The chosen city had the cheapest flights for the long Christmas weekend on Skyscanner so I went for it. We are travelling with an airline we have never traveled with before. Wish us luck! Thankfully it is not a long flight but delays can be a pain.

Flights were booked on Wednesday night while I was watching YouTube and chatting on WhatsApp. I had checked flight prices for the Christmas weekend before and gave up on the idea of spending Christmas away from London as I didn’t feel inspired by any of the destinations and the flights were not cheap.

I guess the post holidays’ blues made me impulsive and I just had to book one last holiday for 2017. This made me feel super excited and I cannot wait to be away again. My photography backlog is going to be insane as I am still editing my Fuerteventura pictures.

Free accommodation was on the cards as we could stay at a friend’s place just outside the city but he is not going to be around so we decided to stay somewhere central instead. This way we don’t have to worry too much about commuting to the city.

Finding accommodation was not an easy task. I short listed about 8 hotels in the morning and when I went over them after work half were sold out! Super glad my boyfriend likes the hotel I ended up booking. Now we have it all sorted and are ready to go.

Even bought a new backpack to use on these short breaks away from home as taking the suitcase is a bit much for less than a week. Also the suitcase is not the right size for some airlines.

Again I am taking my laptop with me as I don’t plan on skipping any posts and will be sharing loads of pictures with you guys.

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