Fuerteventura South

First few days in Fuerteventura were spent exploring the South of the island. There is not a lot to do around here apart from taking in the views and that is what we have been up to.

Our first base was in Costa Calma, a nice spacious apartment with sea view in a quiet area but not far from the shops or from the beach. When in the same place for a week or more we try to rent an apartment so we don’t have to spend a fortune eating out. We still eat out though, just not every day.

We recommend Asador El Toril if you are in the South of Fuerteventura and feel like eating meat. Great food and amazing service.

If you haven’t read my previous post, we got a car. Usually the best way to get around on a beach holiday. I am not one to sit around in resorts. Don’t really see the point in travelling and not explore the place properly.

So far we have visited…

Playa Costa Calma

Where we watched the sunrise as it is super close to our apartment and we woke up really early on our first day here.

La Pared

This place is really cool as you can hike a little and have the most gorgeous views. Also you can feed the tiniest and cutest squirrels that live on the rocks. Great place to watch the sunset too.

Playa Risco Step

Popular for windsurfing. A must for walking between banks of sand while watching the kites in the air. Not bad for photography either.

Playa Lagoon

Known for kite surfing. The size of the lagoon is really impressive!

Playa Pozo Negro

Quiet fishing village out of the touristy track of the island. Dark pebble beach and cute little houses by the ocean.

Morro Jable

Super touristy! Long stretch of golden sand and clear waters with large hotels in the background. Worth taking a quick look at but not a place to stay long. At least not for me.


Quite touristy but worth checking out for the cool caves and amazing views.

Fuerteventura South has some pretty cool beaches and landscapes but is not a place we would come back to visit a second time. It gets super windy and is very popular with the senior crowd from what we gathered so far.

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