Work Christmas Party

This year the work Christmas party came early as we were also celebrating a big anniversary. The venue was new and oh so fancy this time! The Roundhouse in Camden!

The theme was the 1920’s and it was really nice to see so many people putting in the effort to dress up accordingly. There were props available as well to spice up the outfits. The room looked stunning. Food was delicious and the entertainment could not be faulted. Dancers, a live band, a good DJ and David dancing on the table.

Even the transport to the venue was in style with old double-decker buses. I missed that though as I chose to come home to get ready before heading to the party.

Leaving work early, being able to relax a little and get ready at home with my best friend was super nice. We got Uber to take us to the Roundhouse so we didn’t have to walk too much in heels or freeze to death outside. Temperatures dip below 0 that night.

At arrival we walked around a little to find a table. The room was packed already even though we were not that late this time. We sat down just in time for the big speech! It is quite cool to be part of a company that is growing so fast. We were only about 300 when I joined and now we’re past a thousand.

Once the speech was over we went to find the bar and doubled up on drinks not to be queuing all the time. I stayed on clear drinks only and it was a smart choice as I did not suffer much the next day.

We barely had to queue for food which was great as I was quite hungry by the time we got to go get some. The food was delicious. Belly satisfied we headed to the bar again.

The dance floor was on fire with the music pretty much on point as no one seemed to be bored (unlike in previous years).

As in true work Christmas party style the night didn’t go without some incidents. First, I had red wine poured all over my arm, yuck. That wasn’t major really. One wet wipe after I was good. Accidents happen.

But the weirdest thing happened to me this year. This random guy started dancing with me, which is fine but suddenly he got really close to me and bit my face! Not just a nibble but a proper bite, it hurt! I was in shock and just got myself out of there! Apparently I was not the only person he bit. If you don’t know how to behave you should stay at home.

We were chased out of the venue once the party was over. Even though it was very cold I stayed outside just chatting for a while. It’s good to catch up with people you don’t see every day.

I got Uber again to get back home. Luckily it was a nice Mercedes this time and not another Prius. I will really miss it if they stop operating in London. #saveUber

Thank you to everyone who organised the party. I had a really good time 🙂

Note: In case you were wondering, I picked the black dress for the party.

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