Why Not?

I have done a few different things in my life when it comes to work. Different jobs in different industries and different countries.

The most rewarding experiences happened when I was in a position where I managed people. Managing people is not easy. You have your ups and downs. It can be a struggle at times, it can be tiring but it is definitely not boring. Also it pays off for all the struggles every time you get a thank you or see people happy around you.

You cannot imagine how amazing it feels to have someone you recruited, trained and managed a few years ago ask for your address so they can send you a thank you postcard for being their first mentor.

Even though I love doing it I made a conscious decision of staying away from such positions when I changed to a different industry. I wanted to focus on learning. I wanted to be a little selfish and focus on myself. Five years in I have learned a lot about the industry and about myself. For a moment I thought about getting back to managing people. I got excited with the possibility of doing it again.

Why not? You might be asking. I gave up on the idea because I know I would be super focused on the new role, it would consume all of my head space and I would have no time or energy left for this blog or for photography. For those reasons I have decided that now is not the time to make that move.

To everyone that encouraged me to apply for a team leader role, a big thank you for the vote of confidence. I really appreciate it.

I am super passionate about blogging and photography at the moment and don’t want to lose that just yet. Maybe you are thinking that this is silly. That I should try to step up at work. Maybe it is silly! Honestly I think it makes sense and I am following my “heart” on this one.

Another big thank you goes to everyone that has been complimenting or just asking questions about my photography work or my blog. I really enjoy talking with you guys about it.

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One thought on “Why Not?

  1. Alexandra Soares says:

    Se ainda não estás pronta para essa etapa, aproveita o que queres fazer neste momento porque o mais importante é que estejas feliz no que fazes.

    Obrigado pelo comentário de parabéns! 😀

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