Too Many Dresses

The party season is here! In my opinion way too soon this year. Picking up a dress is a major task for me. I am happy this get all dolled up situation is just a once a year affair. I am thankful for Asos though. It is a blessing not to have to try on dresses in super hot tiny changing rooms. Getting sweaty while trying to fit in a fancy dress is just not ideal. Yuck.

On the other side I have spent a ton of money to be able to try all the dresses at home. Too many dresses. But it’s fine as I will get it back soon enough. I lost count at how many dresses I have tried on so far for the work Christmas party this year.

I just can’t get over how convenient it is to get clothes delivered to you next day and how easy it is to return whatever you don’t like. No questions asked. Absolutely love it and I am not even that into clothes.

Two dresses are definitely keepers. Just need to figure out which one will be chosen to go out on this special occasion. Lets hope I can make my mind up before the party.

Which one do you guys prefer? Simple LBD (little black dress) or the one with the pattern? Leave a comment or let me know when you see me around 🙂

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