Money Can Ruin Your Life

This week was to say the least, different. There was so much happening that time just flew by.

When something “big” happens it gets everyone talking. Information spreads like wild-fire. Of course there are details that are likely to not be very accurate. People tend to spice it up a bit by adding a pinch of drama. That is just Human nature, I think.

Some people do stupid things for money. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for people to have an unhealthy “relationship” with money. growing up having people around me that dealt with money in a not so healthy way I cannot say I was truly shocked. It was more of a surprise than actual shock. It makes me sad that people allow money to rule (and sometimes ruin) their lives.

At the same time it makes me happy to be able to say I have learned from the bad examples around me growing up and as an adult I am not obsessed with money.

Let me know in the comments if you have had any bad experiences related to money. Either first hand or close to you.

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