Customer’s Responsabilities

As a customer you have the responsibility of not hurting someone who is just doing their job.

Unless someone has been clearly rude towards you I believe you have no right of mistreating someone just because your life is not going the way you want. Or because you have whatever issue with the brand that the person represents at the time.

Yes, you can be frustrated with a service or product. Yes, you should complain about it if you have a reason to do so. No, you should not disregard the feelings of the person that is there to help you.

I have done customer service for a few years. I am lucky enough to not be too sensitive about what customers “throw at me” but on a few occasions I let it get to me and it ruined my day.

Unfortunately not everyone has that “thick skin” that is so useful to work with customers. You might say that they should then get a different job but that is not always an option.

What if we all became better at respecting each other?
That would be so nice.

Also be a smart customer as from the second you disrespect someone their instinct will be to do the bare minimum to get rid of you quickly. If you treat someone well they are way more likely to go the extra mile to help you.

Personal story time:

Once upon time a customer took it to social media to rant about the company I represented. I would not have had an issue with it if my name was not included on the post.

The ironic thing was that I had been super helpful all along and was actually resolving it for her. There was no indication of dissatisfaction on our phone calls so I didn’t even see it coming. It goes to show how people can be so “brave” behind the screen but not actually able to speak out their concerns.

It took me a few days and a couple of attempts to actually get Twitter to remove the post. Time of my life I could have used to do better things, like watching Stranger Things.

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