Recently I have been keen to find the best way of keeping up with my favourite blogs. I used different apps on my android phone to figure out the best one for me.

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I was using Feedly for a while but the interface is a bit dull and it is not easy to manage the read and unread posts. Even though you can find virtually any blog there as it works with simple RSS I did not enjoy the experience. Also not all the pictures on the blog posts appear on the app.

Tried Flipboard too. It is a super pretty app but in my opinion it is better for news or just random blog content on a specific subject than actually to follow your favourite blogs. The cool thing about it is that you are also able to follow social media profiles. I followed the blog’s Facebook Page and it looks really nice. If you are on Flipboard not only you will be on top of new posts but you will also see anything else I share there.

After trying these apps and a couple others I am sticking with Bloglovin’. I get all the pictures on the blog posts showing there. It is pleasing to read. Easy to go onto the actual post on the blog and super easy to keep track of the read/unread posts.

If you are a blogger go claim your blog or at least add it on there. If you love reading blogs install the app on your phone or add Bloglovin’ to your bookmarks on your browser.

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