About Last Friday

It has been years since going to the pub every Friday was a thing for me. I remember looking forward to Friday in a different way. Many Saturdays were spent at home a little hung over but I used to really enjoy the night before.

Now the hangovers last for a couple of days so going crazy on a Friday night means I will not be able to do much all weekend and will only start to feel OK on Monday. A bit of a waste of time really so I avoid doing it often. Also my best friend is now a mum which means she can’t be out a lot.

I still enjoy going out and I let myself go a little crazy every once in a while on special occasions.

Last Friday was a special occasion. It was my best friend’s birthday! There were no plans really as she is not great at making those. I was only told the day before that we were going to the pub after work. I could not miss it! Even though I had a dentist appointment next day at 9 am I was not going to miss out on spending time with her.

We headed to the pub after work. I dragged my boyfriend with me to join us in celebrating her birthday. It was a busy night in Chandos and a lot of people from work were there. It started a bit slow. Honestly the baby conversations got me a little bored. I was struggling to get into the “party” mood.

Two beers down the conversation was picking up. We were now discussing failed relationships at work and even talked about the blog for a brief moment. Kevin said he didn’t think he would ever be mentioned in it. He was probably right (not anymore) as we don’t really get to talk a lot now that I am not at the pub all the time.

The lights were dimmed and there was music now. Not the best music but it was better than no music at all. Most people were now at least a little drunk. Some were very drunk.

Once the DJ started to hit us with more “average” music we requested something different. That got the party started and we danced a lot. It had been so long since I enjoyed a night at the pub this much! Really made me miss the old times.

It was close to 1 o’clock when we reached home. Thankfully I drank sensibly so I was fine going to the dentist the next morning and was just a little dehydrated.

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