Madonna looking for a place to crash in Lisbon?

Living in Lisbon is becoming quite trendy. Celebrities are settling in. John Malkovich, Monica Belluci, Michael Fassbender, Eric Cantona, Christian Louboutin have made the move. The latest celebrity to move to Lisbon was Madonna.

It is such an easy choice to make as Lisbon has so much to offer. Delicious food, amazing beaches nearby, nice weather and good people. If you can afford it, really, it is a no-brainer.

Madonna has mentioned on Instagram earlier this month that she cannot find a house in the beautiful city of Lisbon. Summer rumors said she had bought a palace in Sintra but that is apparently not true so the house hunt is still on. In the meantime she is living at the Pestana Palace Lisboa Hotel & National Monument with some of her kids.

The most recent story on the Madonna house hunt saga is brought to us by the Portuguese media. It is said that she was interested in a Palace in Paço de Arcos. A palace fit for a King with seven bedrooms, three bathrooms, parking space for four cars and the most gorgeous views. You can check it out here. That story seems pretty mundane I hear you say. So what, Madonna wants to buy a palace by the beach.

Well, allegedly she doesn’t really want to buy it. More like, she’s not sure about it so apparently she suggested to be allowed to live in it for a year as a trial. Of course she would do some restoration work as a way of “paying” for her stay but that would be it until she is sure about the place.

Would you be OK with the deal Madonna had in mind if you were the one selling the palace?

Note: If you’re curious or interested in buying the place, it is on the market for 15 million Euros.

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