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Since July 2012 I have been wearing a Fitbit every day! Don’t think I have forgotten it at home more than a couple of times.

Fitbit UltraThe Fitbit Ultra was my first one and it lasted 16 months until it started to fall apart. I was hooked on it. The app worked well and because I love numbers knowing my daily steps was quite cool. In my opinion the Fitbit doesn’t play a major role in you becoming fitter or in losing weight but it makes you more aware of your daily activity level. That might make you walk to the next bus stop or taking the stairs just to bump up your numbers. Unfortunately that novelty is likely to wear off and you will eventually be OK with lower numbers as your daily goal.

Fitbit OneIn late 2013 I bought the Fitbit One. I noticed it was more accurate in counting steps and it was considerably less bulky. This one also tracked my sleep when wearing it on my wrist during the night. The wrist “pocket” was not the most durable though. I don’t think I made use of that function very often. I was wearing it without the case inside my trousers’ small pocket or inside my bra if I had no pockets. Even though this one is tiny I never lost it. As it started to gain a gap between the back and front panel I looked into getting the next Fitbit on the market. It was still working just fine after 32 months but I wanted a new toy.

Fitbit AltaMid 2016 I bought the Fitbit Alta. I was not keen on wearing a wristband but that was the direction Fitbit was going and I did not find a better alternative to move on from the Fitbit One. I lost the floor tracking with this one but sleep tracking was easier. It is not the most comfortable wristband ever. Also I had plenty of issues with accuracy on the step count. I used the Fitbit One along with this one to check for accuracy and the difference was sometimes shocking. When I contacted the Fitbit support about it they were pretty useless. I accepted wasting £100 and got back to using my trustworthy Fitbit One that ended up being in use for just over 3 years.

Fitbit Charge 2Christmas 2016 I bought a Fitbit Charge 2 for a friend. The reviews were pretty good. A few days later I could not resist and bought one for me too. Tracking the heart rate was taking it to a whole new level and got me excited to have more numbers to analyse. The wristband is very comfortable and the screen is very clear. Accuracy seems pretty good too. The sleep tracking function is amazing and you end up learning a lot about your sleep patterns. Knowing your heart rate at anytime is great and makes the calorie burning information a lot more accurate. Very close to the numbers I was getting on my Polar watches.

These days many people are using Fitbits which makes it more fun as you can add friends. I think this is where you can get the real benefits of tracking your activity. By doing challenges or just trying to beat your friends’ step count you become more active!

Fitbit IonicNow with the launch of the Fitbit Ionic I am so tempted to get one for Christmas. It is finally waterproof and it also packs a lot of new features. The only downside is the price. At £299 it is a little more than my usual Fitbit budget.

So far I have recorded 13,528,264 steps and about 8,939.75 km. Add me as a friend if you have one too.

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