back to work

Back to Work

Got home late on Tuesday but Wednesday was back to work day. If you know me (and work with me) you know I don’t really take a day off after landing in London. Even when I got home around 3am I went to work that same day!

I have an office job that is not far from home so it is not really a big struggle to do it with a little less sleep. Can always catch up on sleep on the following day and be at 100% then.

It’s good to be back midweek as having a short week helps with getting into the work mode again in a smoother way.

As I quite enjoy what I do and the people I work with it is not too bad going back to work but I do miss being on holiday all the time!

This time I am struggling a bit due to my elbow problem. Desk work can be quite painful if I am not taking regular breaks. I even got a new chair and nice “cushions” for extra support. It does help a little.

Even writing for the blog is not easy and I am writing this post with both elbows on a soft ice pack.

If not for the elbow troubles I would already be thinking and probably planning the next holidays but for now I am focused in getting better and just trying to do my job as well as physically possible. At home I am getting as much rest as possible so I am not going to go on writing a super long post.

Hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend!

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