quinta da regaleira

Stressful Times

We are now less than a month away from our first official visit to Portugal this year!

And, yes, I am super used to booking holidays all the time throughout the year. And, no, we do not need to think about where we are staying as we have our own bedroom there (actually we have two now). But it is one of the most stressful holidays to plan.

So we have time for everyone and everything we need to do There is a lot of thinking that goes into it.

There is a day when we sit down and panic! That day was today. We look at the calendar and juggle the dates. We figure out a thousand possible combinations to make it work.

This time we must renew our passports as they expire in December. So it really needs to be done. There is also a birthday, a possible weekend with my family, friends to see and a new restaurant to visit. Pretty sure I am forgetting something but I am only human.

I would also love to escape for a couple of days to have some real holiday time. Hopefully I can fit that in too. Wish me luck.

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