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Saying “YES” to Sri Lanka

There are opportunities that only London would have given me. Going to Sri Lanka was one of those.

I had been living in London for a little while and had started a new job recently. With my old manager but still, a new job.

Travelling was not on the cards when I accepted the job.

At the time I was still very fresh to this thing that is stepping out of my comfort zone. So when I was asked, out of the blue, if I was happy to go to Sri Lanka for work I was a little surprised to say the least.

When I said yes to it, even I was shocked with myself. Not sure what possessed me at the time to say yes. But I did!

It was all very short notice. Next thing I knew I was at the Sri Lankan embassy to get a business visa. I had a special contact to get it done quicker and in no time I had the stamp on my passport. My first one.

I also managed to drag my boyfriend with me as I was too scared to do this by myself. He had no choice really as the flights were my birthday present to him and he was going to celebrate it out there.

The company organised and paid for my flights. My manager sorted out the accommodation which was a bit sketchy (I will cover that in another post) and an airport pickup cab was sorted too.

Before I flew to Sri Lanka I had to plan all the work I had to do there. Which included training and recruiting people to setup a new call centre!

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