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What to do when your partner is made redundant?

What to do when your partner is made redundant? Oh well, I booked a bunch of holidays.

For the non UK readers being made redundant means you are going to be unemployed as your services are no longer required. It can happen for different reasons. I might cover this redundancy thing in another post at some point in the future.

We knew what was about to happen for a long time but it was not until most recently that we found out the exact date. The normal thing to do, I guess, would be to save up to be ready for hard times. As you never know when another job will come through.

The thought of saving up did cross our minds at some point but we didn’t actually do it. Instead we kept doing everything as usual.

When the date was set I started planning a two week holiday straight away. No, I didn’t book anything crazy expensive. But I saw it as a good opportunity to go explore a new place and to rest since he had the time off anyway. He had worked in the same place for way too long so a good break was a must.

A new job did take time to come through. Even though he got one on the first interview the start date took longer than expected to come. In the meantime we went on two extra holidays. We had my birthday to celebrate and later in June our anniversary. Both great excuses to go away for a little bit.

No, we are not rich. But we do manage our money quite well or at least I like to think we do. All three holidays were great and now we are back to business as usual, as in we both have to book time off from work.

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