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My First Photography Meet Up

Meeting new people, being around strangers and taking pictures around more experienced photographers with real models was definitely out of my comfort zone.

Still, I went out by myself and headed to central London this past Sunday for my first photography meet up. Someone I used to work with told me about it so at least I knew one person that was attending.

When I reached Kings Cross there was already a crowd around the swing cage. I was super shy so I just waited for the only person I knew before we started talking to more people.

Everyone was super friendly and excited to be shooting models around London and also to meet new people.

We got asked to leave the meeting point by security and moved on to the next location. In central London any gatherings with a large number of people seem to be closely monitored.

The models spread around the place and started posing for the photographers. I walked around trying to get some shots of different models. They were all super friendly and great at posing.

I had never shot real models before and really enjoyed it. Even though it was a struggle sometimes to get a good angle due to having so many photographers around them.

There were colorful smoke grenades and fire flares so we could get some cool pictures of the models. Those were very popular so it was even more difficult to get good shots.

It was really nice to meet new people. Being out shooting all day was very tiring but I loved the experience and cannot wait for the next one. For now I have loads of pictures to go through and edit.

Big thank you to @uk.shooters for organizing it.

For more pictures taken at the photography meetup just keep an eye on my Instagram and check out the hashtag #ukp_summertime. Follow the model in this picture here.

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