settling in kilburn

After the Storm

We got through the first week. Felt like a big achievement to have made it without booking a flight to go back home.

The move to an apartment in a block of flats in Kilburn happened.

We shared the flat with Natalie and her spoiled toddler. A lot of advice was given by her when it came to job hunting and she was even doing it for us. She was lovely. Totally made up for her loud toddler screaming every time the word “no” was said.

She rented her own room while her husband was away in business to make some extra cash. It was small but quite comfortable.

Our energy levels got back to normal, we were able to sleep well and shower daily.

Job hunting was tricky but we were finally doing it.

In the meantime we were uncertain about the date when we could move to the new place with Joao (our new flatmate). The couple that was living there was taking longer than expected. Thankfully Natalie was pretty flexible with the dates.

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