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Portugal. Is it really a holiday?

I absolutely love Portugal. But it is RARELY a real holiday when I go there. You might ask, why?

Because I grew up there and all my family and some friends still live there. This means everyone expects me to arrange some kind of meetup, family will be calling and I will be expected to spend a decent amount of time around the table catching up on lost time. As a result there won’t be much free time left to just enjoy my boyfriend’s company and to relax.

Don’t get me wrong. I love spending time with family and friends back in Portugal. But with only 25 days of holiday a year I need to make the most out of those to rest and to explore new places too. Finding a balance is hard sometimes. We end up not enjoying as much of Portugal as we would like to due to all the social events.

Sometimes we plan trips away from Lisbon to explore new places, to enjoy Portugal and to have some alone time. But we rarely get to be tourists in Lisbon.

For anyone considering Portugal for a holiday break I 100% recommend it. And I will try to write more about my Country and bring you some tips on cool places to visit.

Quick tip for now:
I would avoid package holidays in those spots everyone at your work place has already visited. Unless you like to feel “at home” while away. Then go ahead and enjoy the sunshine at “the pub” by the beach in Algarve. But please try the sardines on the slice of bread with a salad (no fries).

Now Enjoy the below old videos of some of our good times in Portugal.

If you’re curious about any of the places in the videos just ask away in the comments. And if you like these videos go ahead and check out our YouTube channels here and here and subscribe for more.

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2 thoughts on “Portugal. Is it really a holiday?

  1. Joana says:

    Acho que qualquer emigrante se identifica com o que escreves, é óptimo regressar a Portugal mas raramente sabe a férias. Eu acabei de voltar à Suécia depois de uns dias em Portugal e acho que estou a precisar de férias das férias 😉

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