Planning the “perfect” holiday – Final Steps

These I would usually leave for a later date as I’d probably feel pretty drained after sorting out flights and accommodation.

Car RentalRenting a car. If that is what we decided is best for the specific holiday.

In the last few years we have only rented with Sixt. Even though we had a really bad experience with them we kept using them as their prices are quite good and the service is usually OK too.

Very important when renting a car: Take pictures of the entire car when collecting it and also when you return it.

If you are renting with full insurance it can get quite expensive so we get a third-party insurance. Please note that you will need to pay the excess in full and then claim it back so you cannot do this if you are unable to cover that amount.

Travel insurance. We get this annually as it is cheaper taking in consideration how often we go on holiday. But you can get it just for the period you are going to be away for.

Make sure this covers you for any activities/sports you are doing while away and if it covers the Country you are going to.

Transfers. Getting to and from the airport. Both at home and at your final destination.

Check your preferred transport and timetables to check if you will have it at the required time. Always have a plan B. If there are delays you might need to get a Uber or any other transport available at the time.

If you are getting a cab/Uber during the night please watch the driver carefully throughout the journey as they might be tired and falling asleep. Unfortunately this has happened to us more than once in the UK.

At your final destination (if you are not renting a car) check for public transport information online and if this is non-existent check transfer services available locally. There are websites that cover a few countries and have good transfer services.

I try to book as much of these online as possible so I don’t waste time on the day.

Travel Money.

You are likely to travel to countries where the currency is not the British Pound so you will need to figure out how you are going to pay for things there. Most times we get some cash before we travel and hope that will be enough. Usually it is as we pay for most things online. Always check your bank charges for cash withdrawals (I avoid these as they are sometimes very costly) and for using your card abroad. You don’t want to pay unnecessary fees.

Any other transport or events at the destination.

I have booked boat trips and live music events in advance. If you want to do something different it is cool to check what is on where you are going and get the tickets before you get there.

I hope I have not forgotten anything important that you need to sort out before you go! If I did please let me know in the comments.

Final note: I didn’t cover visas as I have almost zero experience on those.

2 thoughts on “Planning the “perfect” holiday – Final Steps

  1. Bill Truet says:

    Thank you for these usefull article and tips.
    I just rented a car in Amsterdam to explore the city and to drive along the NL. I have Visa Gold which specifically covers Holland, and a letter to show this. The agent at the lot didn’t care to see it. He just put a EUR 1,200 hold on the card and we were on our way.
    The insurance excess on this car was EUR 1,200 and the guy at the desk offered me excess waiver at EUR 19/day, which total EUR 162 for the entire rental period.
    Unfortunately icarhireinsurance don’t offer the product to non EU residents. Someone introduced me to which covers the “excess” insurance at a low annual fee and offeres car hire excess waiver insurance to non EU residents. Anyone needing to buy cover in Italy might contemplate this, but you need to understand the system, as this is not “complete” cover, just the last part of it

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