Planning the “perfect” holiday – Where do I Start?

First of all, it is hard work! And that is why travel agencies still exist.

I have been planning holidays since I moved to London. I enjoy doing it but it can be tiring and sometimes stressful. I even had nightmares about it once but I’ll leave that for another post.

Now, how do I do it?

Usually I travel in mid or low season. Which for Europe is just a matter of avoiding July, August and holidays like Christmas or Easter (I have travelled during Easter before and if you book well in advance you might get away without spending a fortune). Also a good idea to avoid the school holidays like half term (I never know when this is).

This means I am avoiding the big Summer crowds but still enjoying a relatively lively environment and decent weather.

Also I try to book in advance to allow me time to plan properly and to get the best deals. Ideally 2 to 3 months.

A big part of it is choosing the destination.

I tend to do 2 types of holidays. The beach holiday and the city holiday and sometimes I mix the two.

Skyscanner is my go to website to check for flight prices (their mobile app is the best). I check all the destinations sorted by price for the period I am planning (I try to be flexible with the dates and book my time off from work based on flight prices).

Once I bump into something I fancy I go onto to check if staying there is affordable.

If all is looking good I go on to check car rental prices. Only if I think that is the best option for that destination.

So the 3 main things I consider on my first approach in terms of my budget are, flights, accommodation and car rental/transfers. I also check the weather for the period I am booking.

Sometimes I am guilty of impulsive booking. But never regretted stretching the budget that little bit extra for special occasions.



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