Cala Mesquida Menorca

Me Gusta Menorca

Love. That is what I feel for this little Spanish island. To show my love for Menorca I have visited four times already. And I plan to visit again.

It is just over 2 hours away flying from London so it makes for a great sunny destination quick break.

We have discovered the most amazing beaches by land and by sea in this hidden gem of the mediterranean sea. Some of those are very unspoilt and not too crowded if you visit at the right time of the year.

We have stayed in a couple of different places in the island and rented a car 3 out of the 4 times we visited. It is relatively cheap to get a car from the airport (do it online before you go). We visited most of the island already and have our favourite spots. I will share those with you. But please keep it between us. We wouldn’t want to spoil them by attracting the crowds there.

sea view son parcWe usually stay at Son Parc. At the Beach Club Apartments. Now these are very basic and outdated apartments, nothing fancy. But the views (if you get sea view) are the best! Also it is just a short walk down the stairs to the white sand beach of Arenal de Son Saura. It is hard to beat this location so we keep going back.

Not far from it you have Fornells and our new favourite restaurant in Menorca, La Guapa. The food is delicious and the service is the best.

Now, the beaches. And I am only going to mention a few of our favourites.

The North of the island is not the best for beach time apart from Arenal de Son Saura, a long stretch of white sand with clear water and the most beautiful blue shades. And also the small and hard to reach Cala Pudent.

On the East side we love Cala Mesquida. Not easy to get parking close by but it is worth the walk. You can dive in straight away as the sea level deeps abruptly. Historically this is the beach where French troops disembarked with the aim of taking over the island. Thankfully they didn’t succeed. Not far at all you have Cap Roig restaurant with the freshest sea food.

Cala Sa Mesquida Menorca

On the West side I loved Cala en Brut. A totally different scenario here with rocky platforms perfect for diving. And as per usual super clear blue water.

cala en brut menorca girls jumping

The South is a beach paradise. We enjoyed many sunsets at Son Xoriguer. Unfortunately it can get quite crowded and it is just a small patch of sand. Binibeca beach is worth a visit as it is very picturesque but again it can get crowded so not the best to relax. Now for the stars of Menorca you must visit Cala Macarella and Cala Turqueta, not the easiest to get to but so worth the walk from the car park.

beautiful beach menorca

If you can, look into any boat tours as they usually take you to beaches that are not accessible by land. Also it is a fun day out.

Just go, explore Menorca and fall in love.

us at Son Xoriguer Menorca
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