Intro, 10 years on 

25 de Abril bridge palm trees and wavesMost of you know my blog as I started writing back in 2007 just before I moved to London.

I was living a fairly comfortable life in the outskirts of Lisbon when I decided to move to London in search of a more financially independent life.

My boyfriend and I lived and workbig ben a london park and london eyeed together for a year before the big move. We resigned at the same time and planned this big adventure together.

Now that we are fully settled in London it makes sense to start writing in English.

For my Portuguese readers I am hoping to write the occasional post in Portuguese. Some of you might also be able to follow me in English, if not you can make the most out of Google translator.

I will be writing about whatever I feel like as I have done so far but you can expect a lot of travel related stuff as I fell in love with it when I moved to London.

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