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How can I travel so much?

If you’ve been reading from the start you might be questioning how can I keep up with all the travelling, how I can afford it and how do I get so much time off.

I do get those questions in person quite often whenever I mention I am going somewhere. And honestly I don’t think I have ever answered those properly.

It is understandable that it might sound odd to most of you that I am able to go away so many times in a year. It is July now and I have already been away 4 times!

The maths: 25 days of holiday every year = 5 weeks. On top of that I also try to get a few more days using bank holidays and weekends.

I don’t take days off to stay in London. Unless I need it to sort something out or go to the doctor (I try to do this before or after work whenever possible). And I get back to work the day after I land in London. Last time I got home after 3am and still made it to work that morning.

Now, lets talk money. I know not many people open up about this. It is a bit of a taboo.

Usually I don’t go on crazy expensive holidays but I do splurge on special occasions. And sometimes destinations just turn out to be more expensive than expected, like Switzerland.

Our salaries are a little below the average in the UK and if we had a “normal” lifestyle we would probably not be able to afford to go away so often.

Instead of renting a 1 bedroom house in a trendy area we rent a studio flat in zone 3/4 of London. We don’t own a car or go out for drinks every week. We don’t watch TV (saving on TV license here) and have a cheap broadband service. Also this year was the first time we got a contract phone, up to that point we were spending only about £20 a month each on our phones.

We have also lived in a flat share for about 5 years. It was tough at times but it allowed us to save more money.

Hopefully this post gave you an idea on how we are able to do all the travelling while living in London. If you have any questions please ask away in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “How can I travel so much?

    • Ana says:

      Olá Alexandra! As folgas chegam para disfrutar de Londres e arredores. Comecei a seguir o teu blog. Estou à espera dessas aventuras pelos US of A.
      Beijinhos xxx

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