Crete, Part IV – Kissamos and Balos

We did not want to leave Giorgi’s Blue Apartments. We ended up checking out at the last possible minute after spending the morning in the sea.

ravdoucha beach looking greatAs suggested by our host we drove to Ravdoucha beach for a quick swim and lunch. Apparently Ravdoucha is not a very touristy place so we enjoyed the quietness there.

After lunch we headed to our next accommodation. We were looking forward to get there as it looked great in the pictures.

Well, the pictures did not show off the busy road just outside the apartments or the outdated bathroom therefore we were slightly disappointed.

After having to call the host to let us in and him not finding the spare keys anywhere we headed to Falassarna to relax.

falassarna beach at golden hourFalassarna is a long stretch of sand easily accessible by car and if you drive further down once you lay down on the sand you can only see the dunes behind you.

The next day Balos was in our plans. After a lot of time spent researching the best way to get there and a breakfast discussion on the subject we decided to take the car route.

Balos is without doubt the most famous beach in Crete.

the most famous beach in crete balosThe road there is not an easy one and it gets quite busy. The scenery is out of this world and driving past goats is quite cool too.

Once you are done with parking the car a long walk awaits you to finally reach the famous patch of sand. One of the good things about driving/walking there is that you can see Balos from the hill.

all smiles overviewing BalosThe walk is so long that you can actually get on a donkey instead of walking! The beach itself is a cool stretch of pinkish sand with super clear water on both sides.

I understand all the hype about this place as it is absolutely stunning but I would not do it again if I am just looking for a day at the beach.

For dinner we had some delicious Greek food at a nearby restaurant and I got drunk on the local beer.

Costs’ details if you’re curious about it:
Double bedroom = £53 per night exc. breakfast
(there’s a link but I would probably not stay there again)

In Part V: Elafonisi and Kedrodasos

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