Crete, Part II – Heraklion

The day had come and we flew to Heraklion. London is just a 4 hour flight away from warm Crete.

We got there around 11pm and rushed outside to pick up our rental car. We had selected the cheapest/smallest car available but we were given a mini van! After getting our stuff in it we decided to request another car. They had one old automatic white Peugeot 107 and we took it!

All the rental cars seemed pretty old and worn out.

Thankfully the hotel was a quick drive away and I made sure parking was available when booking.

We were quite hungry at this point.

We found the hotel! But no parking… I quickly ran in there to ask about the parking. Had to wait as the receptionist was busy on a call. Once that was out of the way he kindly wrote the name of the parking down and provided useless instructions on how to get there.

After driving around for a bit we found the parking. It was pitch black in there. And we carried our bags through dark alleys in a new city.

The room was decent and the hotel very central. Once we dropped our bags we were desperate for food.

We had no clue where we could have dinner after midnight! So we decided to walk to the city center and hoped for the best. A few places were closing. We kept walking until we found the cutest outdoor restaurant area and luckily they were happy to serve us! The food was delicious and the portions very generous.

Belly full we walked back to the hotel through these streets that reminded us of Athens.

After a good night sleep we woke up to a busy roundabout view with a little bit of sea in the background. The breakfast was super nice and on the top floor the view was considerably better.

Once we were gathering our stuff to leave the hotel we realised the camera case and the spare battery were missing.

They were left behind in the mini van! We called the rental car place but the mini van was already rented out so we couldn’t go get our beloved camera case and the much needed extra battery anytime soon.

Costs’ details if you’re curious about it:
Flights (Easyjet) = £380 return for two
Hotel = £47 per night
Car rental (Sixt) = €25 per day

In Part III: Chania and the evil sea creature

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