Crete, Part I – Planning

Ana walking in Balos beach2016 was a tough year but I didn’t let that stop me from exploring new places.

So the last holiday my tonsils went on was Crete in September 2016 (in October I finally got my tonsillectomy after years of having tonsillitis).

As it was a new place for me a lot of planning went into it. Booking flights, 5 places to stay (around the must go to beaches) and sorting the car rental.

I usually book the flights first  and this was done roughly 3 months in advance.

We flew into Heraklion which was not ideal as all the “best” beaches are located further west of the island.

It was worth it for the amazing food though. And Heraklion is a nice little town.

We had 8 nights to explore Crete and I will tell you how we spent our time there. Hopefully this will inspire you and help you if you are considering a visit to Crete.

I will also share the not so great experiences we had while on this Greek island.

In Part II: Renting a car in Crete and 1 night in Heraklion

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