theportraitmission meetup in Holland Park

Holland Park Meetup

Even though the weather is starting to be a little tricky to deal with The Portrait Mission guys organised a park meetup this weekend. Luckily the day woke up beautifully sunny and not too chilly. Perfect for outdoor shooting. A few of the models didn't show up, which is unfortunately not that uncommon. But the … Continue reading Holland Park Meetup

From Germany with Love

The day woke up wet. Not the ideal weather to be outside shooting but we didn't let that discourage us. Even though we considered alternative locations we ended up sticking to the original plan. The shoot happened in Baker Street. Just a little later than planned due to some hotel issues. Poor Marike got locked … Continue reading From Germany with Love

Starbucks UK Shooters meet

Starbucks with the UK Shooters

One of these Thursdays I went for coffee at Starbucks with the UK shooters. Left work early and headed to Marble Arch with Jenny. It is quite cool to work with someone who also enjoys photography and attending these events. This one was very different from the usual meetups. There were only 25 tickets available. … Continue reading Starbucks with the UK Shooters

Halloween UK Shooters Meetup 2018

Halloween Meetup in London

It's Halloween and this date is taken seriously in London. Last weekend the UK.shooters organised a massive Halloween meetup in London and I could not have missed this one. Even though 200 tickets were gone in 5 minutes I managed to get mine. The make-up artists were unbelievably good and the models super stars as … Continue reading Halloween Meetup in London

sesimbra sunset in portugal on the moving to portugal post

Moving back to Portugal?

This is a question I get asked from time to time. People initially struggle to understand why I would rather live in gloomy London than in sunny Portugal. Not even going to lie. I ask myself that question too sometimes. Then I remind myself of all the reasons that made me move to London. And … Continue reading Moving back to Portugal?

money case from pexels pixabay

This Blog is not for Sale

It's true, this blog is not for sale (or at least not on sale). Might have touched on this subject before but I wanted to write a little bit more on this. Recently I received an email asking how much I would charge for having a link in one of my posts. This was the … Continue reading This Blog is not for Sale

still adjusting as a piece of the puzzle is missing. pexels shot

Still Adjusting

Yes, I'm still adjusting. It has been about a month without you at work. It does feel like you've been gone a lot longer than that though. Most days just feel like they are 10 times longer than what they used to be! In my head I thought all would go back to what it … Continue reading Still Adjusting