Lensminds London meetup behind the scenes female model smiling blurred close up

2018 Rewind

Hard to believe 2018 is almost over. I feel that I was so busy doing things that this year just flew by. Honestly didn't even have time to think about everything that happened in 2018 until now. While 2017 was the year I travelled the most 2018 was mostly filled with photography meetups. You are … Continue reading 2018 Rewind

Numbers on Social Media

This one is quite a big topic. I feel like nowadays so many people are obsessing over the numbers on social media. So many of us have an unhealthy relationship with these numbers. It can easily take over a big part of your life. And you don't even realise it. I waste time checking my … Continue reading Numbers on Social Media

Inviduals with finger in mouth for health post

Don’t take your Health for granted

To be fair I have been pretty lucky with my health. At least up to three years or so ago. I saw close friends struggle way earlier than me with different health issues. Despite that I never really appreciated my health that much back then. Silly me. I know. These days as I suffer from … Continue reading Don’t take your Health for granted

acupuncture manequin

Acupuncture. How was it?

If you follow me on Instagram or you work with me you might know that I'm suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You might know this condition as the "selfie wrist". This is a result of Kim Kardashian also being recently diagnosed with this syndrome. According to most results on Google the prospects of a cure … Continue reading Acupuncture. How was it?

sesimbra sunset in portugal on the moving to portugal post

Moving back to Portugal?

This is a question I get asked from time to time. People initially struggle to understand why I would rather live in gloomy London than in sunny Portugal. Not even going to lie. I ask myself that question too sometimes. Then I remind myself of all the reasons that made me move to London. And … Continue reading Moving back to Portugal?

still adjusting as a piece of the puzzle is missing. pexels shot

Still Adjusting

Yes, I'm still adjusting. It has been about a month without you at work. It does feel like you've been gone a lot longer than that though. Most days just feel like they are 10 times longer than what they used to be! In my head I thought all would go back to what it … Continue reading Still Adjusting

Olga Kravchenko at the portrait mission meetup in Shoreditch London

Being a Bad Friend

This is how I've been feeling lately. I will start by apologising to my friends for not being in touch as much as I'd like to. I remember the time when I had no hobbies. Yes, I did have a blog back then but I was not really committed to it. Outside of work hours … Continue reading Being a Bad Friend