leafy green plant with background light in Liberty London

Why do I have a blog?

Honestly I am not sure I know what the answer is! But I am writing about it anyway. I have been writing since I was in school. I was super lucky to have great Portuguese language teachers and they have always encouraged me to keep writing. Back then I wrote short fictional stories that I … Continue reading Why do I have a blog?

london streets building in broadwick street w1

“Building” a Blog Post

"Building" a blog post in 7 steps. Obviously there are a few different ways of doing it and even I have done it differently in the past. Back in the blogspot days I was quite a lazy blogger and would sometimes just write a couple of lines not even bothering with pictures. This is how … Continue reading “Building” a Blog Post

blue splashes of paint on white ceramic in Liberty London


I can feel it. My body aches in a weird way. I feel restless. It's not a nice feeling and I just want to feel at peace with myself again. Can this feeling go away now? Please. Thankfully I don't feel like this often. I do try to go through life with as little drama … Continue reading Anxiety

Bad days at work

Bad days at work. Guess everyone has these once in a while. Guess they're perfectly normal if not too frequent. But once you start crying or having regular nightmares about work it means it is definitely time for a change. I've been through it all more than once before. It's not cool and it messes … Continue reading Bad days at work

Selfie silhouette reflection on window with sea in background making peace sign taken in Ericeira Portugal

Nothing to Moan About

Just got through this week like a zombie. As there was too much happening last weekend I didn't have the energy to do much. For some reason I didn't manage to sleep a lot either so not feeling re-energised just yet. Thankfully we get to enjoy a long and warm weekend in London. Spent the … Continue reading Nothing to Moan About

Mobile Phone Etiquette

Before I go on ranting about people using their mobile phones all the time and in all the places I must say I do use my phone quite a lot. Hopefully I have not used it in a disrespectful way to the people around me. Or at least not often... In Portugal I noticed people … Continue reading Mobile Phone Etiquette

White Mercedes Benz

Living Below Your Means

As I write this I'm in a brand new white Mercedes visiting the beaches of Portugal. No, I didn't buy a fancy new car. It's a rental that luckily got upgraded for free! From the cheapest diesel option available to a Mercedes. Less than 20 Eur per day. Thank you Sixt. Riding in a flashy … Continue reading Living Below Your Means