Zoey Lilly at the Divurgent Workshops for my rambling post


Honestly running out of ideas here. But hey oh. I committed to writing two posts a week and I intend to keep it up. Unless, you know, I am away. Which by the way is happening very soon. Taking my boyfriend to Barcelona for his birthday this year. Have you travelled this year yet? Usually … Continue reading Rambling

Coryn at Divurgent Workshops


I am overwhelmed with the amount of pictures I have to edit! January has only just finished and even though it has been freezing outside I have done four shoots already. Only in the last couple of shoots I have taken around 2500 photos. This is way higher than my usual numbers. I blame Hana … Continue reading Overwhelmed

the selfie

The Selfies

If you don't follow me on Instagram you probably haven't seen the selfies I am going to talk about in this post. In case you missed them and want to check them out they are still out there. They caused a little bit of a stir. I have received many messages and comments after posting … Continue reading The Selfies

2019 Slow Start

We are two weeks into the new year now and I have not done much yet. My calendar has been mostly free these first few days into 2019. It has been quite nice to slow down. Working fewer hours means I have been feeling more rested and as a result I have more energy. A … Continue reading 2019 Slow Start

Working Part-time

Yes, this year I am working part-time. I am still working Monday to Friday but instead of spending 9 hours at work I am only there for 5 hours a day. To be honest this is something I had thought about doing before. I had wanted to reduce my hours to work on my other … Continue reading Working Part-time

Online Fitness Coaching, is it any good?

I'm not one to usually buy stuff on big sale events but last year I bought into something on a Black Friday deal. The deal was to get a 3 month membership from the 1st of January activated immediately. This was at the end of November so it was a pretty good deal. In this … Continue reading Online Fitness Coaching, is it any good?

Alexandra Palace on New Year's Day

The Holiday Season

That's it. 2018 is gone! So what did I get up to over this holiday season? Every day that was not a Bank Holiday was spent at work. Luckily on Christmas Eve I was allowed to go home really early as a Christmas treat. Big thanks to my old manager for that. To be fair … Continue reading The Holiday Season