Lensminds London meetup night scenery with the shard and blackfriars bridge

First Night Photography Meetup

Last month I attended my first night photography meetup! Honestly I am not super comfortable with taking pictures in low light conditions so I was not overly excited about this one. On top of that I was a little hungover from being out the night before. Not feeling my best I still made it out … Continue reading First Night Photography Meetup

Orange lamps in Liberty London

Juggling Life

Juggling is not something I was ever good at as in no time most things would just hit the floor! At the moment I am trying to juggle a few things in life and sometimes I get a little stressed with the possibility of failing at one or more of those things. Guess I'm just … Continue reading Juggling Life

london portrait shoot with Lottie blonde female model with yellow flower on hair and flower crown around her

Working with a Model

It feels like opportunities to do things for the first time keep happening! It can be a little overwhelming but I am trying to say "yes" more often. I can be super shy around strangers so doing a shoot with a model on a one to one basis was quite daunting to me. This is … Continue reading Working with a Model

london lensminds portrait shoot with female model drinking orange drink through straw

Photography Meetup Season

It looks like the "photography meetup season" is open! Along with the sunny days come all the photographers to enjoy all the light that is finally here after a long and dark Winter. In London we do have depressing Winters. There is barely any daylight. To balance that during the Summer/Spring months we do enjoy … Continue reading Photography Meetup Season

I love nata coffee cup with cinnamon stick on the side in London

Out in London

Sunday We headed to central London for lunch. The plan was to eat at The Breakfast Club and have dessert next door at the new Portuguese café. Even though Soho was pretty quiet and most restaurants were empty there was a one hour wait queue at The Breakfast Club! Oh well. Change of plans then. … Continue reading Out in London

Selfie silhouette reflection on window with sea in background making peace sign taken in Ericeira Portugal

Nothing to Moan About

Just got through this week like a zombie. As there was too much happening last weekend I didn't have the energy to do much. For some reason I didn't manage to sleep a lot either so not feeling re-energised just yet. Thankfully we get to enjoy a long and warm weekend in London. Spent the … Continue reading Nothing to Moan About

uk.shooters portrait meetup in canary wharf London with female model reflecting on mirror wall and smiling

I need another Weekend

Quite used to mostly restful weekends. That's what this super cold months in London are good for anyway. It just feels good to be inside where it's warm. This weekend was different. I barely spent time at home! Months without any photography meetups and then there were two in one weekend. On top of those … Continue reading I need another Weekend