Portrait of woman by the window looking up, Tizia Maria at the UK Shooters meet with Lumix UK for blog post Life Update

Life Update

I didn't want to come here and write another blog post about a photography meetup, even if I have attended a couple of them very recently. Instead I decided to give you a little life update. Life update? I hear you asking. Yes, just telling you how this year is going so far. As you … Continue reading Life Update

london lensminds portrait shoot with male model holding black hat with his hand

Expectations vs Reality in Photography as a Customer

It is unfortunately quite common for people to think that photographers charge ludicrous amounts of money. This is understandable if you are completely oblivious to the whole process of doing a photo shoot. This post is about expectations versus reality in photography as a customer. Here I am just telling you a little bit more … Continue reading Expectations vs Reality in Photography as a Customer

Behind the scenes with Jake Richardson and Scott at the Capital Ports meet in London Shoreditch

Vintage takes on Urban

Another weekend meetup organised by the guys at Capital Ports. This time with a surprise spin by not announcing the models attending and for picking the most gorgeous indoor location. Vintage takes on urban was the theme as we started in a vintage indoor location and afterwards went out to shoot in Shoreditch. I was … Continue reading Vintage takes on Urban

Zoey Lily at Finsbury Park, London

Two Good Ones

March was a busy month. I have done a few shoots and today I am sharing two good ones with you. On a Saturday morning I headed to Finsbury early for a 9am shoot with Zoey. We met at a cute coffee spot around the corner from the park. After a quick catch up we … Continue reading Two Good Ones

Point and Shoot

Sometimes you just don't want to carry a big camera around. Last weekend that was how I felt so instead of carrying my DSLR around London I just threw a point and shoot camera in my handbag. It was my first time out shooting with that camera. It is the typical vlogging camera with a … Continue reading Point and Shoot

Studio Meetup

This month I attended my first studio meetup. The £10 ticket included two hours of shooting in the studio, one small print, two models and another hour of outdoor shooting. If you ask me, great value for money. Lucky me got a free ticket for this one as I won the Greatest of Britain competition … Continue reading Studio Meetup

Zoey Lily at Divurgent Workshops

Paying for Photography Meetups?

If you have been reading this blog for a while you know that I have been attending photography meetups for almost two years now. Up until last month I had never paid to attend these as they are usually free. Even the ones indoors have been free. Photography meetups have been instrumental to me. They … Continue reading Paying for Photography Meetups?