Olga Kravchenko at the portrait mission meetup in Shoreditch London

Being a Bad Friend

This is how I've been feeling lately. I will start by apologising to my friends for not being in touch as much as I'd like to. I remember the time when I had no hobbies. Yes, I did have a blog back then but I was not really committed to it. Outside of work hours … Continue reading Being a Bad Friend

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Not a break from Writing

This blog was on a break while I was away on holidays in Portugal. You know this if you've been coming here for a while. Even though you haven't seen new posts up here I haven't really stopped writing. It was good taking a break as not having to post on a schedule actually reminded … Continue reading Not a break from Writing

Comporta Beach

This Blog is Going on Holidays

Yes! You read that well. This blog is going on holidays for the very first time. Honestly I have thought about this a few times. I have got the pros and cons in my head. Shall I take a break from the blog or not? I kept asking myself. I have decided to allow myself … Continue reading This Blog is Going on Holidays

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Money and Blogging

This is not a subject I've come across in other blogs yet. At least not one presented in a completely transparent way to the reader. Funnily enough money is still quite a taboo subject for many people. I have only been spending money directly on my blog since last year. Prior to that I used … Continue reading Money and Blogging

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Why do I have a blog?

Honestly I am not sure I know what the answer is! But I am writing about it anyway. I have been writing since I was in school. I was super lucky to have great Portuguese language teachers and they have always encouraged me to keep writing. Back then I wrote short fictional stories that I … Continue reading Why do I have a blog?

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“Building” a Blog Post

"Building" a blog post in 7 steps. Obviously there are a few different ways of doing it and even I have done it differently in the past. Back in the blogspot days I was quite a lazy blogger and would sometimes just write a couple of lines not even bothering with pictures. This is how … Continue reading “Building” a Blog Post

On a Schedule

I have committed to posting twice a week on the blog. You can count with new posts on Wednesdays and Sundays at 6pm. This is mostly to keep myself accountable and to avoid simply not writing whenever I am feeling lazy. Surprisingly I have kept it going and have not failed one single post yet. … Continue reading On a Schedule