Cueva del Diablo, Tenerife

A week in Tenerife

This time I didn't spend a lot of time planning our time in Tenerife. Despite that I still feel that we got to see and do a lot. Just not a lot of time to rest. Turns out Tenerife is quite a large island. To make it easier to explore the island we rented a … Continue reading A week in Tenerife

That time again. This blog is on “pause”

Sorry my dear readers but it's time for another holiday. I'm heading to Tenerife soon and will hopefully come back with some stories and loads of pictures. You'll be sad to know that as I'll be away there will be no Christmas company party for me this year so no dress shopping post or funny … Continue reading That time again. This blog is on “pause”

Tiny Meetup

Last weekend a small group of photographers and models got together to shoot around Sloane Square. Funnily enough we were approached in the street and asked to shoot inside a restaurant. This was quite odd but nice as it was warm inside and it was cool to shoot in a different location. Thank you to … Continue reading Tiny Meetup

Numbers on Social Media

This one is quite a big topic. I feel like nowadays so many people are obsessing over the numbers on social media. So many of us have an unhealthy relationship with these numbers. It can easily take over a big part of your life. And you don't even realise it. I waste time checking my … Continue reading Numbers on Social Media

Big meetup with Portraits Visuals

As more community pages are created even the cold months seem to be busy with meetups. I have been out most weekends to shoot. And even skipped some meets! Last weekend the London 4 All guys teamed up with the Portraits Visuals page for a super cool meetup. We were lucky to get a sunny … Continue reading Big meetup with Portraits Visuals

Inviduals portrait for my portrait photographer post

In case you didn’t know

You probably do but just in case you don't this post is for you. Often I get asked what is up with having so many different faces on my Instagram. Well, that comes as a result of me being a portrait photographer. Yes, you read that right. I'm a portrait photographer. And now you're asking … Continue reading In case you didn’t know

Inviduals with finger in mouth for health post

Don’t take your Health for granted

To be fair I have been pretty lucky with my health. At least up to three years or so ago. I saw close friends struggle way earlier than me with different health issues. Despite that I never really appreciated my health that much back then. Silly me. I know. These days as I suffer from … Continue reading Don’t take your Health for granted