Olga Kravchenko at the portrait mission meetup in Shoreditch London

Being a Bad Friend

This is how I've been feeling lately. I will start by apologising to my friends for not being in touch as much as I'd like to. I remember the time when I had no hobbies. Yes, I did have a blog back then but I was not really committed to it. Outside of work hours … Continue reading Being a Bad Friend

Catarina at Ericeira Photography Challenge

Ericeira Photography Challenge

In this post I am telling you all about my first photography challenge. I had been wanting to do a shoot in Portugal but honestly couldn't be bothered to organise one. Luckily while in Portugal I got a DM from a Portuguese photographer and was challenged to go out to shoot a model along with … Continue reading Ericeira Photography Challenge

Planning a Paid Shoot

This one is for those people who think most photographers charge too much. And of course for anyone curious about the process of planning a paid shoot. In this post I will only be talking about a simple one person shoot for portfolio or social media. Not a wedding or any other event shoot. Once … Continue reading Planning a Paid Shoot

Valeria at the GOB meetup in Hampstead

Autumn Meetup in Hampstead

Last weekend I attended another meetup. This time in Hampstead, one of my favourite places. I would definitely live in that area, if only I could afford it! It was my first one organised by the lovely guys at The Greatest of Britain Instagram page. They definitely get bonus points for not making me walk … Continue reading Autumn Meetup in Hampstead

Porto de Mós near Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

Exploring Algarve

Algarve is a hot destination but not one I had been to recently. I felt like I needed to go check out why this place is still so popular. As a kid I would often go there on holidays and I absolutely loved it. As a bonus there was no need to fly anywhere to … Continue reading Exploring Algarve

Zena at work holding plant pots

The End of an Era

So... tomorrow is your last day at work and honestly I don't think I am ready to not have you around every day. I've been a little grumpy this week. You know this. Maybe it's not just because of that one reason we talked about. Guess that the fact that you're leaving is probably not … Continue reading The End of an Era

hand journal notebook from pexels

Not a break from Writing

This blog was on a break while I was away on holidays in Portugal. You know this if you've been coming here for a while. Even though you haven't seen new posts up here I haven't really stopped writing. It was good taking a break as not having to post on a schedule actually reminded … Continue reading Not a break from Writing