Studio Meetup

This month I attended my first studio meetup. The £10 ticket included two hours of shooting in the studio, one small print, two models and another hour of outdoor shooting. If you ask me, great value for money. Lucky me got a free ticket for this one as I won the Greatest of Britain competition … Continue reading Studio Meetup

Don’t follow them

This one applies for social media but not only. Not long ago I started to feel a bit funny regarding another photographer on Instagram. I had been following her for a while and from time to time she would annoy me. The constant moaning and crying about the Instagram algorithm was a bit much for … Continue reading Don’t follow them

Zoey Lily at Divurgent Workshops

Paying for Photography Meetups?

If you have been reading this blog for a while you know that I have been attending photography meetups for almost two years now. Up until last month I had never paid to attend these as they are usually free. Even the ones indoors have been free. Photography meetups have been instrumental to me. They … Continue reading Paying for Photography Meetups?

Finally, Barcelona

Everyone's reaction when I mentioned I hadn't visited Barcelona yet was one of shock and disbelief! Guess Barcelona is one of those cities in Europe on most people's bucket list so many have visited already. We try to do city breaks from time to time but beach holidays usually take priority. This meant that Barcelona … Continue reading Finally, Barcelona

Capital Ports Valentine's day meetup in London behind the scenes with Harvey and Callum shooting Polly with a Rose

Valentine’s Day Meetup

Kicked off February in a great way with a Valentine's day themed meetup. We went out shooting in and around Holland Park, starting off in some super cute London mews. This one was the first paid meetup and it was well worth the £6. The team at Capital Ports went all out with the props … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Meetup

Zoey Lilly at the Divurgent Workshops for my rambling post


Honestly running out of ideas here. But hey oh. I committed to writing two posts a week and I intend to keep it up. Unless, you know, I am away. Which by the way is happening very soon. Taking my boyfriend to Barcelona for his birthday this year. Have you travelled this year yet? Usually … Continue reading Rambling

Coryn at Divurgent Workshops


I am overwhelmed with the amount of pictures I have to edit! January has only just finished and even though it has been freezing outside I have done four shoots already. Only in the last couple of shoots I have taken around 2500 photos. This is way higher than my usual numbers. I blame Hana … Continue reading Overwhelmed