Ella Parsons in Brighton at the uk.shooters meetup

Photography Workflow

This is something I have been changing and tweaking since I have started taking photography a little more seriously. It is in no way a recipe for everyone and definitely not the best workflow ever but it works fine for me. workflow the sequence of industrial, administrative, or other processes through which a piece of … Continue reading Photography Workflow

Lottie at Five Guys in our first collaboration with a milkshake licking her finger, London collaborations


Collaborations (aka collabs) are quite a common thing in social media. You find people do them a lot on YouTube and sometimes on Instagram. collaboration the action of working with someone to produce something. "he wrote a book in collaboration with his son" synonyms: cooperation, alliance, partnership, participation, combination, association, concert; teamwork, joint effort, working … Continue reading Collaborations

Woman with face half covered by green leaves from pexels

Saying No

Before I started writing this blog in English, around Summer 2017, I was not keen to leave my comfort zone and try new things. As a result I often said "no" to people who dared to ask me to do stuff I was not comfortable with. Honestly I was very happy in my little bubble … Continue reading Saying No

Black and white shot of woman with hands in her face looking desperate

Is it your place to tell?

Let me start by saying that I am into podcasts. I can listen to them while at work and it helps me focus by blocking external distractions and the office noise. They can be entertaining and sometimes educational. At the end of this post I will share my favourite podcasts with you. Now let's get … Continue reading Is it your place to tell?

My First Photography Meetup Outside of London

Last Sunday I left London and headed to Brighton for another photography meetup. This one was organised by the @uk.shooters in partnership with the British Airways i360. Just in case you don't already know the British Airways i360 is a 162-metre observation tower on the seafront of Brighton at the landward end of the former … Continue reading My First Photography Meetup Outside of London

Close up of dent on Mini bonnet taken by Sixt for featured image

A Nightmare with Sixt

It was 2015 and we had just returned from one of our most expensive holidays. A week in the Swiss Alps. Despite it being super expensive we really enjoyed Switzerland. As per usual we rented a car with Sixt. The staff was lovely and we even got an upgrade for free at arrival. Back then … Continue reading A Nightmare with Sixt

Laptop keyboard and samsung mobile close up

Money and Blogging

This is not a subject I've come across in other blogs yet. At least not one presented in a completely transparent way to the reader. Funnily enough money is still quite a taboo subject for many people. I have only been spending money directly on my blog since last year. Prior to that I used … Continue reading Money and Blogging