Winter Lights Meetup

Mid-week we had a meetup in Canary Wharf to make the most out of the Winter Lights installations in the area. This time organised by the guys at London 4 All Portraits. Here are some of my favourite shots of the night. And a little behind the scenes gallery. Have you been to Canary Wharf … Continue reading Winter Lights Meetup

Neta for my portfolio at the capital ports meet in London

New Portfolio

Finally I managed to get my portfolio up and running! If you can still remember it, the first version was incorporated in the blog and it looked pretty much like a second blog but with more pictures. In my opinion, it didn't look great. Now I am using the portfolio feature by Adobe. Might as … Continue reading New Portfolio

2019 Slow Start

We are two weeks into the new year now and I have not done much yet. My calendar has been mostly free these first few days into 2019. It has been quite nice to slow down. Working fewer hours means I have been feeling more rested and as a result I have more energy. A … Continue reading 2019 Slow Start

Working Part-time

Yes, this year I am working part-time. I am still working Monday to Friday but instead of spending 9 hours at work I am only there for 5 hours a day. To be honest this is something I had thought about doing before. I had wanted to reduce my hours to work on my other … Continue reading Working Part-time

Online Fitness Coaching, is it any good?

I'm not one to usually buy stuff on big sale events but last year I bought into something on a Black Friday deal. The deal was to get a 3 month membership from the 1st of January activated immediately. This was at the end of November so it was a pretty good deal. In this … Continue reading Online Fitness Coaching, is it any good?

Alexandra Palace on New Year's Day

The Holiday Season

That's it. 2018 is gone! So what did I get up to over this holiday season? Every day that was not a Bank Holiday was spent at work. Luckily on Christmas Eve I was allowed to go home really early as a Christmas treat. Big thanks to my old manager for that. To be fair … Continue reading The Holiday Season

Lensminds London meetup behind the scenes female model smiling blurred close up

2018 Rewind

Hard to believe 2018 is almost over. I feel that I was so busy doing things that this year just flew by. Honestly didn't even have time to think about everything that happened in 2018 until now. While 2017 was the year I travelled the most 2018 was mostly filled with photography meetups. You are … Continue reading 2018 Rewind